Intoducing... The VESC Status!
The VESC Status is an iphone based telemetry system that gives you real time data in both numerical and graphical form. It also records all of this data for deeper analysis later through this website.

Easy to start and stop!
By clicking the green button, you can start recording. By hitting the red button, you can stop recording. Each time you start and stop, that "session" is saved. The main screen displays a numerical representation of what is going on.

Motor amps, Battery amps, tempeture, speed, and voltage are graphed on the phone. More graphs are avalible through this website.

Measure your 0-20 mph acceleration!
Under tools, there is an acceleration timer! This allows you to record your 0-20 mph acceleration. Now you can compare your board vs the entire world!

Easy to start and stop!
Sign in through the app with your login for this site and you app will automatically send your ride data to this site so you can analyze your data even further!

Easy to start and stop!
Record videos through this app to get overlays of what's going on in your board while your riding. Videos are saved to your camera roll, and are easy to share!

Large speedometer!
Want to mount your iphone to your board, but still see your speed? This large speedometer will help!

View past rides? No problem!
Detailed titles for rides give defining data about the ride so you can find it quickly and pull it up on your phone!

Easy to find and download the app!
Simply search for "vesc status" without the quotes in the app store and you'll be able to download the app in seconds!

Purchase your bluetooth module today!
You can purchase the bluetooth module by visiting Rocket Boards.